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    Linux Server:


    If you feel this solution may suit your case and business needs, if you want to understand whether it’s financially convenient or simply want to know more, consult the list we’ve prepared containing the various functions this solution can offer.

    The applications/services we can use include:


    • Firewall / Routing: this function should never be lacking in your network. Thwarting potential computer threats and routing inbound and outbound traffic guarantee the correct operation of connectivity services.

    • File server – Data archiving: a useful function for managing large quantities of files and, above all, whenever these must be used on multiple computers at our branch or in other branches.

    • DCHP service: this service is responsible for configuring the network parameters automatically on the computers connected to the network.

    • DNS service: facilitates identification of computers belonging to a network and ensures prompt response to information requests regarding the various addresses available on the Internet.

    • Centralised authentication: useful for reducing the amount of credentials required for the various services.

    • Database Server: when used in combination with various Web applications, it ensures many significant advantages.

    • Web Server: entrusted with ‘providing’ content on the Internet, it may turn into an importance resource for your local network and will enable you to use various applications, including group work portals, CRM, etc.

    • SMTP Server: e-mails have become an important tool for exchanging information; your server may host this service at a local or global level, enabling you to receive and send e-mails through the Internet.

    • Instant Messaging service: this service is a big aid when you require a fast, private communication channel. The programme for interfacing with the system on various mobile devices can always be installed.

    • VoIP Server: it is possible to create a flexible and diversified communication system (PSTN, ISDN and GSM integration) for your voice conversations or video conferencing requirements, through a combination of software packages. This service allows for upgrading your telephone switchboards and fully exploiting your IT infrastructure.

    • Backup Server: a very important yet often overlooked application; by spending a reasonable amount of time you can avoid plenty inconveniences and loss of data, which eventually lead to financial losses.

    .:IT Services / IT Consultant – GNU/Linux & BSD Systems – Analysis, Design, Implementation and Support of Open Source software based solutions:.
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    Deployment & Support of GNU/Linux and BSD Systems

    .:IT Services / IT Consultant – GNU/Linux & BSD Systems – Analysis, Design, Implementation and Support of Open Source software based solutions:.

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