System Engineer as a Service

    A solution designed for SMEs having more than 5 computers and which require a system engineer on hand.

    Often the number of PCs used in companies or professional firms grows rapidly causing – as a secondary effect – the proportional increase in potential inconveniences linked to the lack of proper maintenance of the systems.

    A possible view on the issue could be: ‘yes, we are aware of the fact. But we cannot afford to hire another person in the office – the costs involved would be too high.’
    We often encounter this situation in the various companies we operate with daily. However, once the computing infrastructure has been set up and works correctly, the person assigned to administrating the system need not intervene unless an event demanding his/her attention arises.

    It is common to find companies in which one or more colleagues in the office switch between various tasks: IT technician, system engineer and/or programmer. There’s nothing wrong with this, provided we find a person capable of solving computing inconveniences and also performing the tasks implied in the collaboration with us. In this case we would have ‘killed two birds with one stone’.

    But in actual fact, ‘killing two birds with one stone’ can turn into a mixed blessing: not because the collaborator’s main task does not involve IT, but for the attention and time subtracted from routine activities, namely those for which the person actually collaborates with our company. In this case the situation could lead to disservices for our customers.

    One of the many possible solutions could be the service we propose: namely using a system engineer and/or administrator on request, with over ten years of experience in the sector and trained on an on-going basis, for keeping you up-to-date and help you tackle current problems posed by the latest technologies.

    This service is designed to solve your problems and increase the value of your business. Besides, it will certainly reduce your stress levels. To adapt the service to your needs, don’t hesitate to request further information.

    .:IT Services / IT Consultant – GNU/Linux & BSD Systems – Analysis, Design, Implementation and Support of Open Source software based solutions:.
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    Deployment & Support of GNU/Linux and BSD Systems
    .:IT Services / IT Consultant – GNU/Linux & BSD Systems – Analysis, Design, Implementation and Support of Open Source software based solutions:.

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